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Buffalo Bills 6, Jacksonville Jaguars 6: Second-half open thread

It’s a mudfight in Jacksonville

The Buffalo Bills are tied 6-6 with the Jacksonville Jaguars through the first half of their game. Buffalo’s defense has played well, but a couple key penalty decisions have led to two Jacksonville field goals. Meanwhile, the Bills’ offense, working with a makeshift offensive line, has only been able to come up with two field goals of their own in this game.

Josh Allen has been hit twice and sacked once, and Buffalo’s running backs have combined for four carries and a single yard so far. For a Jaguars defense that came into the week near the bottom of the league, it’s real depressing to see the Bills playing down at their level. But the blocking just hasn’t been there, and numerous penalty calls haven’t helped.

How about those penalties, by the way? Already eight assessed, nine called, and you probably could count one or two of those as legitimate calls. Neither team will be happy with the officiating today.

Late in the second quarter, Trevor Lawrence had to miss a few plays with a rolled ankle. While he was out, C.J. Beathard completed a 28-yard rainbow pass and the Bills were called for a roughing-the-passer penalty, which allowed Lawrence to come back in with the Jaguars well on their way to points. But for the second straight week, Buffalo’s opponent screwed up before halftime. The Bills forced a fumble and recovered it, preventing any late points. With no timeouts and only a minute remaining, though, there wasn’t enough time for the Bills to do their usual hurry-up offense and score any points.

The Bills will return the opening kickoff of the second half. Here’s hoping they surge like they did against the Miami Dolphins last week. Here’s your discussion thread for the rest of the game. Go Bills!