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Buffalo Bills fan confidence has plummeted

But you knew that

After the Buffalo Bills' most recent loss to the New England Patriots, fan confidence has cratered for the #BillsMafia. Once riding high with multiple consecutive weeks with 100 percent of fans being confident of the direction of the team, Bills fans are down to just 39 percent. The majority of fans in our FanPulse polling are down on their team for the first time in years of polling.

It's not just the single loss. Fan confidence held steady after the team's second loss of the season, when they fell to the Tennessee Titans. But that chink in the armor turned into a full-blown rusted out problem, and Buffalo hasn't won consecutive games in more than two months. Losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts fueled the uncertainty. The chart over the last several weeks reflects the roller coaster.

The Bills can go a long way toward regaining confidence with a win over Tampa Bay this weekend, but knocking off the defending Super Bowl champions won't be easy.

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