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Buffalo Bills 3, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24: Second-half open thread

The Bills’ execution? I’m in favor of it.

The Buffalo Bills had a chance to measure themselves against the defending champions, and they’re coming up awfully short so far. Through the first two quarters against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bills trail the Buccaneers 24-3. Tom Brady and his supporting cast have been able to move the ball practically at will against the Bills, aside from a fumbled snap on the opening play that led to Tampa punting on their first drive.

Meanwhile, Josh Allen and the Bills’ offense have a huge problem with pressure. Buffalo knew how hard it would be to run against this front and nose tackle Vita Vea, but their quick-passing strategy isn’t fast enough to deal with the blitzes and stunts being thrown at them by Todd Bowles. Allen’s already been sacked three times and hit five times on 18 drop backs.

The Bills have punted on three of their first four drives in this game. On Buffalo’s only scoring drive, Allen strung together three big passing plays to put the Bills at the ten yard line. But Allen ran the ball for a loss on 1st & GOAL, ran down to the three-yard line on 2nd & GOAL, and had to throw the ball away on third down.

With the Buccaneers managing nearly eight yards per play in the first half, meanwhile, the Bills have watched the game fly further and further away from them. They’ll take the opening kickoff of the second half, for whatever that’s worth. Here’s your discussion thread for the second half. Go Bills!