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Official: NFL postpones three Week 15 games due to COVID outbreaks

This could get really messy really quickly

During the 2020 season, the Buffalo Bills were forced to play a Tuesday game against the Tennessee Titans after multiple players on Tennessee were diagnosed with COVID-19 in October. With big ongoing outbreaks on the Washington Football Team, Los Angeles Rams, and Cleveland Browns, the NFL is considering doing the same thing this weekend.

UPDATE: The NFL has officially moved the Week 15 games for all three teams.

The Browns host the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday afternoon in a nationally televised game, which further complicates the moving of the game. The Raiders were supposed to leave for the airport at 2:30 PM Eastern time but they have delayed their flight while they wait to hear about the status of the game. Since it’s a standalone national game, the TV network would like that status to remain intact, so we could see a doubleheader of games on Monday or a Tuesday night contest.

Washington is supposed to play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at 1:00 PM Eastern and the Rams are supposed to host the Seattle Seahawks in the late window on Sunday.

The Bills and Carolina Panthers both added a player to the COVID-19 list on Friday. Buffalo’s left tackle, Dion Dawkins, and Carolina’s backup QB, Matt Barkley, were moved to the list by their respective teams.

UPDATE 12/17 6 PM:

Here are the updated dates and times for the game.

Instead of Saturday afternoon, the Browns and Raiders will play on Monday at 5 PM Eastern and will remain nationally televised. The Washington/Philadelphia game and the Seattle/Rams game are being played at 7 PM Eastern on Tuesday, but will only be available on TV in their local markets.

That really stinks for the Pacific Time Zone fans of the Raiders, who have to leave work to watch a 2 PM game on a Monday afternoon.