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Four Downs: The NFL schedule gets messy

Covid-19 outbreaks force NFL schedule changes

NFL: DEC 12 Raiders at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are set to face off with the Carolina Panthers, in a must-win game for our favorite club. This edition of Four Downs has plenty of information to get you ready for kick-off on Sunday. Enjoy!

A mess of an NFL schedule

If by some chance you have not heard yet, the Week 15 NFL schedule is a bit of a mess. Three games have been moved already due to COVID-19 outbreaks, with the new schedule listed below. The fact that the NFL had remained on schedule through 14 weeks is one thing, but things could get messy through the end of the regular season. I am not surprised that the league tinkered with the schedule, but am curious to see what kind of precedent this sets for the rest of the year, and if it has any impact on the Bills.

Who will play left tackle?

COVID-19 is also having an impact on the Buffalo Bills this week, as left tackle Dion Dawkins could be out for Sunday’s game. If Dawkins does sit, there will be plenty of questions around his replacement. Will Spencer Brown shift to the left side? Then what happens at right tackle? Is Tommy Doyle ready to play? Is a Bobby Hart call-up inevitable? It is certainly worth monitoring, as we all hope that Dawkins is healthy and can make a speedy recovery.

Podcast of the Week

One of my favorite listens this week comes from my friend Pat Moran, on his latest episode of the Talking Buffalo Podcast. Pat is joined by Joe Yerdon, as they discuss the Bills, Sabres, and the best Christmas movies. While Pat may stumble in his movie draft, his episodes always deliver for the listeners. If you have not caught the episode yet, I highly encourage you to give it a listen.

Prediction - Bills 31, Panthers 10

This section of the article has felt a bit off all season, with my optimism and the reality of the Bills season being on two different pages. With that said, I feel good about Sunday’s game, as the Bills will beat up on another team playing a backup quarterback. This is the type of game needed following two tough defeats, where Buffalo can establish dominance somewhat early.