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All-22 GIFs-mas: Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills

‘Tis the season...for highlights!

For a lot of Rumblers it’s a holiday weekend, and holidays are intended to be times of celebration. Ordinarily this is the piece where I’d seek some greater truth about the team using the available coaches’ film. Not this week. Let’s check out some Buffalo Bills game highlights from the different angles instead!

Play 1

The GIF highlights the lane being significantly widened thanks to the block from Mitch Morse, but the play highlights a lot of what I like about Devin Singletary. He takes a couple hard shots and still manages to fall forward for a touchdown. That’s after he avoids a hard shot or two as well.

Play 2

Taron Johnson has a near sack on the first pass. It’s enough to flush Cam Newton out, where he’s about to be greeted by Harrison Phillips. Newton slips and Johnson is the first to make contact, earning the sack after all.

Play 3

A victory for team chemistry. Josh Allen starts the throw when Stefon Diggs has his back turned. If Diggs turns to the ball too soon, the defender can cut the pass off. Everything on the play is perfect.

Play 4

Star Lotulelei gets the official credit, but Vernon Butler is just as responsible for this sack. Mario Addison and Boogie Basham are right there too. Cam Newton didn’t have much chance and I’m completely fine with that.

Play 5

This was Efe Obada’s second sack of the day. Also of the drive, having taken down Cam Newton in even rougher fashion than this just two plays prior. This was a last gasp for the Carolina Panthers. Watch his hands as the GIF requests, then please note that Efe Obada is likely still learning the game.

Play 6

Gabe Davis blocks enough to push one defender out of Josh Allen’s path. He’s then off to a soft spot in the coverage. A very soft spot. This was Davis’s second touchdown. The first one has been shown all over the internet, and this one has a different skill set of Davis’s on display.

Play 7

And finally, A.J. Klein ends the game with this interception. The broadcast angle makes Newton’s throw look completely perplexing. This doesn’t make it understandable exactly, but it does show there’s a receiver in the vicinity of Klein. The ball just appears to be ridiculously underthrown.

Merry GIFs-mas everyone!