The Patriots are Paper Tigers

A few weeks back I posted the Patriots were better than their record suggested. They were 4-4 at the time. We can probably agree now they're above average. However, the national media has latched onto this 6 game run like a tick on a dog. They're already laying out a Bucs vs Pats "Dream Super Bowl" matchup. This kinda CRAP gets my blood boiling. provides the following for New England's last 6 opponents. TEN 13 (and fading fast), CLE 19, LAC 20, CAR 23, ATL 28, & NYJ at 31. That's weak! Barring any attempts by the officials to manipulate the outcome Monday night, the Bills should have their way with the Cheaters in front of a national audience. I am going to enjoy every minute. It's Buffalo vs the World!

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