Running Game, what Running Game!

After witnessing the dreadful "wind game" and the Bills loss to the Patriots, I believe that the biggest mistake McDermott and Beane made heading into this season was not addressing the offensive line! This team is too dependent upon Josh Allen and his receivers winning games and reminds me of a team that is fit for Arena football. I believe it is time for Singletary and Moss to go and the Bills need to go out and get a large bruising running back in the draft next year. Look at what the Patriots did in drafting Stevenson in the 4th round, who looks like he is going to be a stud, and Damien Harris, who both were the reasons the Patriots ran for over 200 yards, "when" the Bills knew they were going to run and still couldn't stop them. The Bills are too one-dimensional and I believe that is large reason the offense doesn't look like last years, defenses have figured them out and Josh Allen out! The other aspect of this, is the offensive line, very average and doesn't win the battles up front! You win in the trenches and Belicheck and the Patriots have always built their team around that theory! And that is why they are the best team in the AFC East and not the Bills!

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