Ok, now it's time for a change

I made a fanpost not too long ago about how we should move on from Daboll in the offseason. I don't really want to rehash that post, so suffice it to say that it aged well after yesterday's game. What I want to say is that I think it's time to push up the time table. Sure, we're still fighting for (and have a solid shot at) a wildcard spot. But I'm not confident we can lock it down, let alone survive in the playoffs.

I say it's time to experiment. Maybe it gives us the spark we desperately need for the final push. Maybe it just clarifies our priorities for the offseason. Daboll needs to go. That's the biggest part of this. His inability to adjust, or even develop a solid gameplan is holding us back. I say promote Dorsey for the rest of the season as a tryout for next year. He did solid work with Cam Newton, and helped develop Josh into what he is today, and that continuity could be very important. Give him his shot, but it needs to be made clear that he NEEDS to come up with something to try and fix the run game. Running up the gut with a line that can't push isn't working, so maybe don't do that any more. Maybe we just don't have the guys to make it work, but if we stop banging our heads against the same damn wall, that's progress.

I'd also like to give Antonio Williams a look. I doubt he'll provide much more than what we have, but if he can hold onto the ball, and maybe shoot a gap or two, that's also progress. Sanders needs to be benched, and turn Gabe loose in his place. I bet Gabe can actually throw a block, and he's already made some highlight reel catches the past two years. Also, we really need to acquire another TE next year. I'm fine with Knox as a backup, but that's it.

The defense is a bit of a puzzle. They've been one of the best against the pass, but can leak like a sieve against the run. Last night seemed like the bend don't break approach was working, if the offense could have showed up. Sure, they let a lot of yards pile up, but kept the score down. And the Harris touchdown, even elite defenses make mistakes. I don't hold that against them until it becomes a regular thing. What I would like to see is can we get more balanced in a more traditional 4-3 defense? I want to see a bit less rotation on the line and let guys like Groot and Epenesa build some momentum. They show the flashes, and then disappear. Give them more chances to prove they should be out there. Also, I want to see less Edmunds as a MLB. I just don't see it from him. He's talented, but like others have pointed out, just can't seem to shed blocks and often hits the wrong gap. Can Klein do better as a traditional run stuffing MLB and let Milano and Edmunds roam around a bit more or blitz? I don't know, just kind of spitballing. But they have a big decision to make on Edmund's next contract.

So what do you guys think. Stay the course and hope we can right the ship in time for the playoff push? Get creative and hope for a spark? Got other ideas on what to try out?

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