You should Always take Something from Every Loss....

The Beauty for me is that every time McD has sat down at the Chess Table he Learns Something from the The Sith Master aka The Hoody. This Man has been Hated by Us since Superbowl 25. Ask Andre About the beating he took in that game. I think he might have played through 2 separate concussions. Coach Palpatine came up with the crush 83 on every slant plan and it worked.

This is the First time our Coach has taken to the public eye to call out even guys who didn't play. And now is where we will see if what he learned will work for this group.

Sometimes you need a little darkside in this championship chess match.

Sean McDermott is a better coach because of sitting across from the best to ever do it!

I hope they direct it all at Darth Bradious and knock that pretty boy shit eating grin right of his face . Take some vengeance in honor Tre by making Gronk the Goon atone . He damn near killed the man!

Now a couple of questions that I pondered post game and during the first 10 minutes or so.

Was/is our center never really that good?

After seeing all the stone hands at the beginning .

Did they practice at all outside in preparation for this game? Cleats seemed like an issue as well.

I'm might be the only one who thinks that is exactly what this team needed. Tre leaves a big hole but the talent is there to make a run. Nows the time to" show 'em what cha got"... great PE track for all the kids out there.

We should have ran an rpo wishbone hybrid.

Is Sanders<Than Smoke. ? Josh had a lot of chemistry with him.

There's a real good chance that this battle goes the Full 3 Rounds. And I can't wait.

Go Bills!!!! and May the Process be with all Y'all!!

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