tRuSt tHe pRoCeSs!

I initially doubted McD and co given his propensity to choose character over talent and poor in-game management. Although difficult due to the trauma inflicted on me by the Bills over the years, I began to give McD the benefit of the doubt thanks to their continuous improvement and the development of Josh Allen.

Unfortunately, my gut instinct was correct. McD got this team from laughingstock to respectable, and I commend him for it. He/they do not have the ability to get this team to a Superbowl, let alone win one. The Bills cannot allow this coaching staff to waste the talent on the roster, especially JA.

Just a reminder for those still "Trust(ing) the Process": the Bills are in year 5 of said process, are regressing, and have a great chance of going from the AFC Championship game to out of the playoffs in one year.

The Patriots lost the best quarterback of all time, missed the playoffs once, and are currently the #1 overall seed in the AFC. Great coaching and great scouting can get a team from 0-100 real quick; mediocrity speaks for itself. The Process is bull, having some nonsensical timeline for when we're allowed to be good or win the SB is typical coping and excuses for Bills fans. "It's only year 5, we can't go to a super bowl until at least year 6, just wait."

Demand more from the team or the results will remain the same.

Rant over, Go Bills, please stop breaking my heart.

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