Don't be that guy climbing the fence to get back in.

After reading through most a lot of comments it's a little disheartening to read how many "Fans" are willing to give up on the season with 5 games remaining and still alive in the playoff hunt. In fact some have even suggested returning a wildcard berth because we shouldn't settle for that. A little history about when a backup quarterback led the "Greatest Comeback" during a wildcard game - January 3, 1993. That team advanced as a Wildcard entry to the Super Bowl. But like so many fans who left at halftime that day, of course no one admits they actually left, it's easier to complain than to tough it out, win or lose. They may not advance to the playoffs, maybe last season was a premature look at what will be, maybe, just maybe, it is their season, either way their still alive in 2021. So, let's not go to the parking lot just yet.

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