When you fall off the horse...get up...dust yourself off...

To Quote the Great John Blutarsky "Nothing is over until we say it's over!" "Was it over when the German's Bombed Pearl Harbor? NO!"

Even with the gut punch loss this past Sunday, If Buffalo desires, if they play the football everyone knows they are capable of playing, they still control their own destiny.

They don't control what playoff seed they can earn, that is dependent on other teams, in other games that the Bills have no say in.

However they have the full ability to Control the AFC East. There are 5 games left, make a run, which is needed at this time of the year and they win the east plain and simple. 5 games, 5 wins, They win the east and there would be nothing that New England can do about it. (before someone pulls and Eyeore...of course New England can say the same thing in their final 4 games, if they can win it out they would win the East). The next 3 weeks are the most Critical for the Bills.

Buffalo has to start with a road win in Tampa. Which would be their 2nd "Signature" win on the season. Then they have a bad Panthers team. The Patriots are playing and up and coming Colts team that week.

Finally you have the Day after Christmas Showdown Buffalo at New England. This is likely the game that decides the AFC East.

I have full faith and full confidence in the Bills. I understand their weakness, I know they have areas that they must get better at.

At this stage do you trust the process? This team has the talent, they have the ability, do the players have the heart? I think so. Can the coaches put together the right game plan? That is to be determined, I have seen both sides of that coin, Daboll has planned some fantastic games, and he has planned some horrible games.

Well to Quote the Wise Michael Tyson "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". Buffalo just got punched in the mouth, they got knocked down and bloodied up.

Will they rise up, wipe off their mouth, and take the fight? I believe they can and they will.

This is our team, this is our Buffalo Bills, they have fight left in them.

Let's Go Buffalo!

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