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2020 All-22 analysis: Buffalo Bills guard Jon Feliciano

Fan favorite Mongo goes under the All-22 microscope

As a team, the Buffalo Bills set a high bar in 2020 and will look to build on that success next season. Overall, the offense performed admirably and you could argue that trying to keep the band together is a smart move. However, with known weaknesses in the run game and some sputtering during the playoffs, every spot will be scrutinized. Even the beloved Jon Feliciano whose return from injury midseason was credited as creating an extra spark. Let’s take a look at how Feliciano managed in some high pressure situations.

Play 1

One of the things that jumps out with Jon Feliciano is his ability to flow between blocks. This play didn’t quite get the desired result, but it wasn’t due to Feliciano, who helped isolate two Pittsburgh Steelers.

Play 2

Feliciano has an occasional hiccup like all players. Here he’s knocked a bit to the left mid-step and loses his balance. There’s no quit in Mongo though, and he comes roaring back. The quick recovery allows him a great position for leverage and the result is pretty clear.

Play 3

Calais Campbell isn’t the easiest person to stop, but Feliciano did a good job multiple times in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Campbell tried to use change of direction to get around Feliciano and disrupt passing lanes but effective adjustments from Feliciano handled it well.

Play 4

On the whole, the Buffalo Bills’ line is more effective in pass protection than in the run game. We’re focused on Feliciano but feel free to take a look at everyone else as they juggle blocks.

Play 5

Feliciano doesn’t have superhuman balance and there are snaps I could have recorded with stumbles, trips, etc. That’s not uncommon for any lineman, for the record. What I wanted to highlight here is that this likely shows off a different trait for Feliciano. His body suggests he was planning on pivoting to help seal the lane anyway.

Play 6

Here we have a hint of the mean streak Feliciano brings to the team. I don’t know if Mitch Morse or Darryl Williams needed help, but Feliciano wasn’t gonna let either have all the fun.

Play 7

Here’s another look at his tendency to pivot and cut off a planned running lane. Josh Allen has a clear path ahead—largely thanks to Feliciano.

Play 8

I’ll leave this GIF here with no further commentary.


Short and sweet conclusion for Mongo. He’s a fan favorite for a reason and that reason is he’s darn effective. Josh Allen’s passing stats speak to the line’s overall effectiveness in pass protection and Feliciano was a great fit in keeping Allen upright. While not a mauler in the run game, he executes the designed plays at a high level most of the time. The Bills should definitely look to upgrade the run game, but improving on Feliciano likely won’t be easy.

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