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NFL announces salary cap for 2021 season

The league set the 2021 number at $182.5 million

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL salary cap number for the 2021 season has officially been announced. Reports indicate that the cap will be $182.5 million this year. For the Buffalo Bills, who rolled over money over from last season, that means the team will have an exact cap of $188,376,959.

The number is problematic, as it’s a reduction of $15.7 million from the 2020 season. However, the league and the NFLPA were able to avoid a nuclear scenario by keeping the cap floor at a reasonable level.

Buffalo currently has $188,260,612 in total contract commitments for the 2021 season. The total of their top-51 players is $186,280,612. From March until final cut downs in September, the top-51 number is all that matters; however, the Bills will need to find a way to squeak under the cap while working to improve the squad.

That’s only $2 million in space right now.

Buffalo gained some salary cap relief yesterday when center Mitch Morse took a pay cut of approximately $2 million. That is the first domino of what should be many to fall in the coming days.