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Buffalo Bills sign punter Matt Haack to multi-year deal

The former Dolphin stays in the AFC East

The Buffalo Bills announced that they have signed former Miami Dolphins punter Matt Haack. The information directly from the Bills’ public relations team is indicating that Haack has been signed to a three-year deal. Also that his name is pronounced “Hawk.” Stay tuned for more specifics on the contract but the multi-year nature of the deal should be intriguing for Bills fans during our annual free-agency watch.

The Bills’ incumbent punter Corey Bojorquez’s contract ran through the 2020 season. While it’s still possible that Buffalo will work to retain Bojorquez, it’s fair to question if this announcement heralds the end of the Bojo punting era in Western New York.

Punters can be a difficult position to assess but Haack may have an uphill battle to prove himself in Buffalo. At 44.7 yards per punt, Haack ranked 26th in the league. There were 34 players who qualified for rate stats. You can also take a look at Haack’s “bad punt percentage” as he was included in my sample for the 2020 Bojorquez analysis found here.

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