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Contract details for Buffalo Bills running back Taiwan Jones 2021

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Taiwan Jones received a slight pay bump in 2021 compared to his contract in 2020. The Buffalo Bills re-signed him this week as a special teams player and depth running back. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle had the details.

Instead of a $1.05 million salary, he gets $1.1 million. Instead of $300,000 of the salary being guaranteed, $400,000 is guaranteed. Instead of a $300,000 per-game active bonus, it’s a $350,000 per-game active bonus. Instead of a $400,000 signing bonus, it’s $300,000.

With the $300,000 signing bonus and $400,000 guaranteed in salary, the Bills can still save $1 million by cutting him in August if they want.

Jones gets $400,000 as a signing bonus and $300,000 of his salary guaranteed, so a $700,000 figure in fully guaranteed money.

There are also up to $350,000 in per-game active bonuses at $21,875 per game. He played in 13 games a year ago, so only $284,375 will count on the cap for now as a Likely To Be Earned incentive.

No workout bonus for Jones.

Signing bonus: $300,000
Salary: $1.1 million ($400,000 guaranteed)
Per-game active bonus: Up to $350,000 ($21,875 per game) ($284,375 LTBE)

Cap hit: $1,684,375
Dead cap if cut: $700,000
Cap savings if cut: ~$1 million