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Contract details for Buffalo Bills running back Taiwan Jones 2021

Taiwan Jones received a slight pay bump in 2021 compared to his contract in 2020. The Buffalo Bills re-signed him this week as a special teams player and depth running back. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle had the details.

Instead of a $1.05 million salary, he gets $1.1 million. Instead of $300,000 of the salary being guaranteed, $400,000 is guaranteed. Instead of a $300,000 per-game active bonus, it’s a $350,000 per-game active bonus. Instead of a $400,000 signing bonus, it’s $300,000.

With the $300,000 signing bonus and $400,000 guaranteed in salary, the Bills can still save $1 million by cutting him in August if they want.

Jones gets $400,000 as a signing bonus and $300,000 of his salary guaranteed, so a $700,000 figure in fully guaranteed money.

There are also up to $350,000 in per-game active bonuses at $21,875 per game. He played in 13 games a year ago, so only $284,375 will count on the cap for now as a Likely To Be Earned incentive.

No workout bonus for Jones.

Signing bonus: $300,000
Salary: $1.1 million ($400,000 guaranteed)
Per-game active bonus: Up to $350,000 ($21,875 per game) ($284,375 LTBE)

Cap hit: $1,684,375
Dead cap if cut: $700,000
Cap savings if cut: ~$1 million