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NFL releases offseason schedule details

NFL activities will be starting soon

In a memo sent to all 32 teams, the NFL has announced their offseason plans. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the offseason schedule is broken into phases, each with their own set of guidelines. For additional information click here, but for a summary we’ve got you covered. The entire schedule consists of nine weeks, which are completely voluntary with one exception noted below. In just over a month, the Buffalo Bills will be back at it in preparation for the 2021 season.

Phase One

April 19 - May 14

  • Virtual meetings, two hours per day per club’s direction
  • On-field work prohibited
  • Work with coaches prohibited
  • Capacity limits for facilities, including weight rooms
  • Clubs directed to “make every effort to have the COVID-19 vaccine available for players, staff and families”

Phase Two

May 17 - May 21

  • Differs from Phase One “in that on-field drills will be permitted with coaches”
  • Work is limited by CBA rules that include a requirement for “teaching pace with no contact allowed”

Phase Three

May 24 - June 18

  • Ten days of full-speed “traditional OTAs” without contact
  • Meetings can be in-person or virtual
  • One mandatory minicamp included in this phase
  • Rookie minicamps and development programs unchanged


  • Per diem of $250 for players who participate in meetings or workouts
  • Contract terms for each player will determine if skipping voluntary portions impacts payments such as workout bonuses
  • Enhanced COVID-19 protocols including daily testing, staff vaccinations, distancing/mask procedures

Please note, several NFL teams have decided to skip offseason workouts due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will see how that translates to the Bills.