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2021 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Prospect Meeting tracker

Who have the Bills been meeting with immediately prior to the NFL Draft?

With only a few more weeks to go until the 2021 NFL Draft gets in full swing, general manager Brandon Beane and the Bills’ brain trust have reportedly met with more than just a handful of prospects in recent weeks. Thanks to some intrepid twitter reporting, we now have a list of those prospects who have met with the team, although it’s not immediately clear if these are in-person or the FaceTime-type meetings the Bills were forced to conduct last year. Below is a full list of pre-draft interviews that have been reported, so far.

It should be noted that these meetings are not necessarily the same thing as the official ‘pre-draft visitors,’ which are those instances where players are allowed to visit the team facilities for a formal interview. We’ll update this page with pre-draft visitors as they are reported throughout the next couple weeks. The Bills haven’t been announcing their interviews, and this reporting is often sourced from smaller, often local reporters.