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Brandon Beane won’t commit to Josh Allen extension timeline

Beane optimistic it’ll get done, not sure when

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane spoke to the media Tuesday and the looming question of quarterback Josh Allen’s contract extension was met with Beane’s usual measured tone. Overall, Beane sounds optimistic Allen will remain in Buffalo but perhaps don’t hold your breath on the news dropping in the near future.

“Josh and I have spoken and I’ve also had one conversation with one of his representatives that we’re just going to get through the draft and then when we get to later spring, maybe summer — there’s no rush,” said Beane. “But we’ll have some kind of conversation, and, listen, we would love to get Josh extended — no doubt. But it’s going to be a number that works for him and works for us, and that’s been my conversation with them. And they know the same.”

Buffalo has until early May to decide on using the fifth-year option on Allen, which would mean guaranteeing a large salary to their QB in 2022. The fifth-year option is available to teams who draft a player in the first round and gives them an additional year of team control.

“It happens when it’s supposed to happen,” Beane said, doubling down on his comments regarding no rush. “And if it happens this year, great. If it doesn’t, I’ll be very positive that we’ll get it done next year.”

A year from now, Allen will be entering the final year of his deal if and when Buffalo exercises that option.

“We’re all on same page,” Beane indicated, saying that Allen wants to remain in Western New York.

This echoes Allen’s own words in an appearance earlier this month on an appearance of “10 Questions with Kyle Brandt.

“I’d love to be locked down in Buffalo for a very long time,” said Allen. “It’s a place that I call home. I love being there, I love the fan base, I love the city. Everything I want is there. If they called up and wanted to talk tomorrow, I’d be willing. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.”