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Brandon Beane doesn’t need instant Buffalo Bills starter with first-round pick

If the Bills stay at 30, Buffalo Bills GM not locked into finding a starter

In comments made to the media on Tuesday, Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane indicated they won’t be going out of their way to try and find an instant starter with their first pick. Beane’s comments indicate that Buffalo is more interested in finding a player for the long haul. If that means they don’t start immediately, then so be it.

“At 30 we’re going to take the best player we can,” said Beane. “We’ll think more long term than short term. Whether they can start will depend on the position it is. There are some on board who have a shot to start, while others who won’t start right away [but] might a year from now.”

If you’re into reading between the lines, this could mean that Buffalo is open to selecting a player who won’t fit into what many a pundit or fan would consider to be a “position of need.”

Brandon Beane has been widely credited as delivering solid depth across most of the Bills’ roster, making it less likely he might feel pressure to select a player based on position. Beane’s own comments seem to suggest that pressure doesn’t exist.