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2021 NFL Free Agency: Buffalo Bills paid more than the minimum for DE Efe Obada

In the string of the most recent signings, the Buffalo Bills have added a bunch of players on NFL minimum deals. That was not the case for recently signed defensive end Efe Obada, however, as the Bills ponied up a little more dough for the former Carolina Panthers player.

Obada received a $300,000 signing bonus this month when he signed. (Details courtesy of Spotrac and are just now becoming available now that he’s officially signed.) He will receive a $1 million base salary, $80,000 higher than the league minimum, and $500,000 of it is fully guaranteed. He also will earn a roster bonus of $11,764 per game, totaling $200,000, and he played in all 16 games a season ago so the whole bonus counts as Likely To Be Earned. The total compensation is $1.5 million for one season.

With that much guaranteed money, it’s clear Obada is part of Buffalo’s plans heading into 2021.

Signing bonus: $300,000
Salary: $1 million ($500,000 guaranteed)
Per-game roster bonus: $200,000

Cap hit: $1.5 million
Dead cap: $800,000
Cap savings if cut: $700,000