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2021 NFL Draft: One team was “really interested” in trading for Buffalo Bills’ 30th pick

The Buffalo Bills had one team really interested in trading up to the number 30 overall pick, but in the end they decided to select Miami pass rusher Greg Rouseeau instead. That’s according to team general manager Brandon Beane.

When the Bills went on the clock, it took a while for the pick to come through. Buffalo was using all their time in a bid to sweeten the offer from the team looking to move up. Beane wouldn’t say which team that was, but ultimately he decided to make the pick.

It’s likely Buffalo had several players on their board they felt comfortable taking, especially if the trade up was from the early second.

Using the pick at the end of the first round gives you another year of cost and team control utilizing the fifth-year option before you have to get into the franchise tag. You only have second-round picks for four years before they need an extension or tag.