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2021 NFL Draft: Gregory Rousseau’s family already knows the city of Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills selected University of Miami defensive end Gregory Rousseau on Thursday night at the tail end of the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. We’ve talked about his size, his playing experience, and a bunch of other analysis on the player, but there’s another trait we didn’t know about until he met the media early Monday morning:

Gregory Rousseau’s family has lived in Buffalo.

Before he was born, Rousseau’s parents spent several years living in Buffalo while his mother earned her nursing degree. They had been living in New York City and moved to Western New York for her schooling in the mid-to-late 1990s.

“My parents lived in Buffalo for I think five years, so I’m very familiar with Buffalo,” Rousseau told the media when they asked him about his new home market. He added that he thought his older brother Marvin (24) was born in WNY and that an uncle and cousin still live in the area.

His mother told him to bring a coat because it gets cold, but she also mentioned some positives.

“She said it’s a town that’s all about football. Like it’s just football, football, football,” said Rousseau, “and also she said that there’s Niagara Falls.”

The only thing he missed on for the greatest hits was talking about wings.