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NFLPA announces performance-based pay benefits for 2020 season

Each year, the NFL Players Association and the NFL have a pot of money to hand out to players who over-performed their contract relative to their playing time. Essentially, it rewards a bonus to players who played a lot of snaps. This is another way the NFLPA has negotiated to get lower-level players more money outside of the NFL’s salary cap. It’s called the Performance Based Pay Benefit and the dollar figures were announced Tuesday. (Read the full list here.)

In 2020, the largest recipient on the Buffalo Bills was cornerback Taron Johnson. He earned $578,749 in addition to his base salary of $640,053, to nearly double his compensation during his third NFL season.

WR Gabriel Davis ($482,310), OG Ike Boettger ($466,609), CB Levi Wallace ($441,624), and RB Devin Singletary ($337,382) round out the top five.

Veterans making non-minimum contracts are also eligible to receive the benefit with Daryl Williams ($238,813), Brian Winters ($166,223), Micah Hyde ($108,906), Jordan Poyer ($104,861), and a host of other vets getting checks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Alex Cappa received the most money with $622,056 coming his way.

Because of COVID-19, the NFL and NFLPA negotiated a delay in these payments. Players won’t receive their updated compensation until at least 2024.