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Opinion: Jack Anderson a developmental option along the interior for Buffalo Bills

Get him in with NFL coaching, and a weight room, and Anderson could surprise

The Buffalo Bills’ final pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, taken 236th overall, is Jack Anderson, a guard out of Texas Tech. The Big 12, and the Red Raiders in particular, aren’t exactly known for churning out quality offensive linemen, but Anderson appears to be an exception. The former four-star recruit started early and often for the team beginning with his freshman season.

At 6’5” and 314 lbs, the redshirt junior has decent size and enough movement skills to be considered an option at either center or guard. Coming from a pass-happy scheme down in Lubbock, TX, Anderson is used to pass protection, using his quick feet and strong balance to maintain his anchor. Probably his greatest strength is his versatility, as he fits in either a man- or zone-blocking scheme. Theoretically, he has the ability to play anywhere along the interior of the offensive line.

Unlike his fellow Bills classmates at offensive tackle, Anderson is only an average-to-below-average athlete. He doesn’t really stand out in any area, and he’s definitely not going to wow you with pancake blocks against the run. In fact, he needs a significant amount of development when it comes to the run game and how to use his hands, in particular. Building out his core strength should also be a priority for the rookie.

While the interior of the Bills’ offensive line is set for this year, there is high potential for significant turnover next year. There’s no guarantee that starters Jon Feliciano and Mitch Morse will be back with the team in 2022, and Cody Ford’s fit at right guard is basically an enigma at this point. Some time spent at the back end of the roster—or more likely the practice squad—would serve Anderson well, and perhaps in a year he can be a part of the competition for the gameday roster with players such as Ike Boettger and Ryan Bates.