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Buffalo Bills 2021 NFL Draft film review: Offensive tackle, Tommy Doyle

After doubling down on DE, the Buffalo Bills double down on OT

After the Buffalo Bills selected two defensive ends back-to-back they chose an offensive tackle with high athletic upside in Round 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft. With their next selection they offensive tackle with high athletic upside. I’m not sure how often teams pull the ol’ double-double but that’s just what the Bills did. Let’s check in on the (very) limited film on the ALSO 6’8” Tommy Doyle.

Play 1

Again, please note there was little film to go on for Tommy Doyle so think of these as more “first impressions.” Some good and some bad on this play. I don’t like the initial angle he takes as he moves right by his block. I do like how fast he cut through the line. And I love how agile he is and how quickly he jumps back to where he wants to be. Just like Spencer Brown, the Buffalo Bills found an incredible athlete they hope they can coach up.

I actually think I did myself and all of you a disservice by doing these in the order of the draft. Following the Brown analysis this is almost disappointing. He’s not quite as fast as Brown from what I can tell, but if we avoid the comparison with Spencer Brown, Doyle is very athletic for a lineman. A 6’8” lineman. Peep his spider chart.

Play 2

One more comparison to Brown because they’re both incredibly tall. Doyle can get caught to the side when he’s locked into his “ultra low” stance that makes rotating more difficult. His opponent starts to get around and from there a punch to Doyle’s side means game over.

Play 3

So about that low stance, Doyle seemed pretty consistent staying pretty low. He moves his feet well too here, not allowing the pass rush to outpace him.

Play 4

And here’s what size and speed looks like when it all comes together. I don’t think much commentary is necessary here.


I don’t think there’ll be any major revelations here. During the draft the Bills definitely had a “type” in mind. Tommy Doyle is a lot like Spencer Brown. Tall, athletic to the point of being unfair, and a bit raw. Buffalo is rolling the dice on sky-high ceilings and I’m here for all of it.