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2021 NFL Draft: UDFA signings injury analysis

The Bills agreed to terms with six UDFA’s, are there any concerns?

Washington State v USC Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Despite a deep roster that was a win away from the Super Bowl last season, the Buffalo Bills still tentatively agreed to sign several undrafted free agents following the 2021 NFL Draft. While most of these players are long shots, there is always a training camp darling or someone who breaks through to earn a coveted opening-day roster spot. Below are generalized injury histories for each UDFA with limited injury information available.

Injury Histories

Nick McCloud, CB, NC State/Notre Dame

  • 2018: Missed two games (Syracuse, FSU), details not available regarding the injury.
  • 2019: Missed all but two games due to a Grade 2 MCL sprain against East Carolina University. According to sources, this was his left knee.

Quintin Morris, TE, Bowling Green

  • 2014 High School: broken collarbone, side not specified.
  • 2017: Missed one game (Miami OH), injury not disclosed.

Olaijah Griffin, CB, USC

  • 2018: Missed four games due to injuries, required shoulder labrum tears to both shoulders, required surgery to repair in the offseason.
  • 2019: Missed two games due to back spasms. The underlying cause of back spasms was a bulging disc, unknown whether he required surgery to correct the issue.

Syrus Tuitele, OL, Fresno State

Tariq Thompson, S, San Diego State

Tre Walker, WR, San Jose State

  • Appeared in 38 of 46 games over 4 seasons, with no specifics regarding the reason for games missed including injuries.

Bills injury impact

Most of these players have a hard climb up to make an NFL roster. The only possibilities that I see based on depth are Tariq Thompson, Quintin Morris, and either Nick McCloud or Olaijah Griffin. I believe the best shot is Morris due to the lack of injury history and poor depth at the tight end position.

The only ones I am concerned about moving forward are Griffin and Tuitele due to back injuries for both and a lesser concern regarding the shoulders for Griffin. If any of these injuries appear during rookie minicamp or training camp, then it may warrant a deeper look if more information becomes available. I wish the best of luck to each of these players in realizing their NFL dream this coming season.