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Plays that defined 2020: Week 5—Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans

The first taste of defeat

What if someone told you they had the audacity to miss a Buffalo Bills game? What if you could show them one play, and one play only, to recap the whole thing? What play would you choose? Welcome to Plays that defined 2020...

Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were unfortunately hit with a COVID-19 outbreak, didn’t exactly follow best practices after team facilities were closed, and a whole lotta panic occurred around the league. Part of the fallout was schedule shuffling. At one point it was rumored that the Bills were preparing for Tennessee and Kansas City at the same time as the NFL sorted it out. We’ll never know if that was true or not, but the Bills had their lowest scoring output of the season combined with the highest score allowed. Not. A. Great. Combo.

Josh Allen interception (Q1, 13:41)

A big story in the game was turnovers with Buffalo having three—which many mathematicians agree is more than the zero the Titans had in the game. This play set an early tone and also displays how much of the game went. More specifically, a comedy of errors that was more tragedy than comedy for Bills fans. This also set another theme for the game: short fields for Tennessee, setting them up at the 16.

Derrick Henry touchdown (Q2, 13:57)

The Bills kept Henry in check all game, averaging three yards per carry. Though he did still score two touchdowns. The defense gave up scores on numerous short fields, but also allowed a couple longer drives. While the offense was more guilty of sputtering, the defense was unable to turn things around.

Josh Norman defensive pass interference (Q2, 0:47)

I often get accused of always siding with the refs, but naturally I think I’m just objective. I did tear them a new one for this game in my weekly recap, as I felt they missed several calls. Including this one. The calls were also quite lopsided in number and in the Harm department. It would have made things tough for a faltering Bills team, but the team that showed up this week definitely couldn’t overcome the yellow laundry.

Third-down conversion (Q3, 4:28)

Only down by 11, the Bills had a good shot at coming back. This third-down conversion was one of MANY as the Bills pulled it out on 76.5 percent of their attempts. Somehow most of their drives ended in catastrophe as they managed a meager 16 points. This drive ended in Josh Allen’s second interception of the game, which was returned for 68 yards. Another short field. Another Titans touchdown.

Andre Roberts fumble (Q4, 3:57)

How bad was it? This bad. The blowout continued.

It’s time to vote for the play that defined the game. Remember, it’s the play that best tells the overall story of this contest, not necessarily a favorite play or best highlight.


Which play best defines Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans?

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  • 50%
    Josh Allen interception
    (267 votes)
  • 7%
    Derrick Henry touchdown
    (38 votes)
  • 10%
    Josh Norman DPI
    (57 votes)
  • 1%
    Third-down conversion
    (9 votes)
  • 29%
    Andre Roberts fumble
    (155 votes)
526 votes total Vote Now

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