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Buffalo Bills sign Reid Ferguson to three-year contract extension

The long snapper is here to stay.

The Buffalo Bills have locked up a critical piece of their roster for the future—but it’s not Josh Allen. Long snapper Reid Ferguson, who was under contract through the 2021 season, has signed a three-year extension with the Bills, the team announced Friday.

Ferguson, 27, has been the team’s long snapper for four consecutive seasons after emerging from LSU and the Bills’ practice squad. The highly specialized role is a vital part of the special teams unit. When it’s done well, the kicking game is seamless. When it’s done poorly, it leads to disaster.

For his career, Ferguson has seven tackles on special teams. The team’s PR proudly notes that the Bills have a 6-1 record when Ferguson records a tackle.

Ferguson is also the only Bills player, aside from Jerry Hughes, who was part of the team before Sean McDermott took over as head coach. He has stated that his goal is to set the record for most games played as a Buffalo Bill. With 64 appearances, he has a long way to go before he’ll match Andre Reed’s record of 221 games played for the team.