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Buffalo Bills add Sophia Lewin as offensive assistant coach

Lewin joins the team from the Princeton football program.

The Buffalo Bills have hired Sophia Lewin as a full-time offensive assistant coach, making her the second woman to hold a full-time coaching role with the team.

Lewin graduated from Monmouth College in 2019, and began her career coaching receivers at Hudson Catholic High School in New Jersey. She spent some time as a training camp assistant for the Bills, and was most recently working for Princeton University’s football program as a quality control coach.

The first female full-time coach in Bills history (and NFL history for that matter) was Kathryn Smith, a special teams quality control coach under Rex Ryan in 2016. The Bills also had Callie Brownson and Phoebe Schecter as coaching interns in recent years.

In total, the Bills hired four women to their football operations this offseason. In addition to Lewin, the team recently added Andrea Gosper as a Player Personnel Coordinator in the front office. Mechelle Geeter joined the team as a scouting intern, and Nikki Donoff joined as an operations intern.