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Buffalo Bills in top three of most post-NFL Draft power rankings

The Bills are still a favorite following the 2021 NFL Draft

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2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The dust has barely settled after the 2021 NFL Draft for the Buffalo Bills and the other 31 NFL franchises, yet the power rankers that be have taken it upon themselves to compile those glorious little meaningless lists that mean everything to fans. Want your team to remain a secret? Well, then fans hope the power rankings keep them lower than they deserve. Want a little respect? Well, then fans will opine about how [insert talking head at major network here] just has it out for their team.

Is it too early for power rankings? Absolutely! Is that going to stop us from looking them over? Absolutely not! And after a quick scan, it appears that most analysts have the Bills in the NFL’s upper-echelon yet again.

We start with Vinnie Iyer at The Sporting News, who ranks Buffalo No. 3 overall after the NFL Draft. Iyer feels that the Bills will “continue to breathe down the [Kansas City] Chiefs’ necks” thanks to a “loaded” offense led by quarterback Josh Allen. He thinks that Buffalo’s defense will, hopefully, combat Kansas City’s offense through a better pass rush and secondary. The Bills added to their pass rush by drafting Gregory Rousseau and Carlos “Boogie” Basham Jr., and their secondary by drafting safety Damar Hamlin and cornerback Rachad Wildgoose.

Max Staley at FanDuel doesn’t have any write-up, but he does provide the current Super Bowl-winning odds for each NFL team. After the NFL Draft, the Bills are No. 3 in those odds, sitting at +1200 to win Super Bowl LVI.

Dan Hanzus at NFL Network also has the Bills ranked No. 3 after the Draft. He notes that the Bills had one major weakness—the pass rush—and they addressed it by selecting Rousseau and Basham in consecutive rounds. Hanzus notes that both players will have a chance to contribute as rookies, and he also writes that the Bills need to hope that at least one of the two players hits, as the Chiefs have bolstered their offensive line this offseason.

Matt Williamson at Pro Football Network makes perhaps the understatement of the day in ranking the Bills No. 3 overall. He writes that the Bills “went after big people early in the draft to fortify their lines.” Given that the Bills drafted Rousseau (6’7”, 266 lbs), Basham (6’3”, 274 lbs), offensive tackle Spencer Brown (6’8”, 311 lbs), offensive tackle Tommy Doyle (6’6”, 320 lbs), and guard Jack Anderson (6’5”, 314 lbs), Buffalo added some extreme girth to the lines. He calls Buffalo’s roster a “complete” one with a “super-talented quarterback who has come into his own.”

Finally, Josh Schrock at NBC Sports has Buffalo ranked No. 3, as well. He writes that the Bills’ newest additions along the edge should add some burst to the pass rush, adding that the Bills are primed for a deep playoff run if Josh Allen can continue his “incredible uptick in accuracy” from last season.