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2021 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills fans react favorably to team haul

The Buffalo Bills finished up their 2021 NFL Draft on Saturday and after the conclusion of their picks, we at SB Nation asked Bills fans what they thought of the haul. Most fans returned favorable results, with a significantly upgraded pass rush and some down-the-line picks at multiple positions.

70 percent of Bills fans gave the Bills a B. Without a marquee top-flight pick, that’s kind of expected. No big trade up. No slam-dunk guy who’s going to start now and make a huge impact. Most noteworthy is the trust in the process. A big fat 0 percent of fans gave the Bills D or F grade.

Fans of the Cleveland Browns were the highest A grades, with 86 percent of fans giving their team the top grade. A whopping 79 percent of Chicago Bears fans were happy with their team’s big QB trade up.

Fans of the AFC East teams were overall pretty happy. Bills fans were 91 percent A/B grades, while fans of the New England Patriots sat at 92 percent, and New York Jets fans rounded up to 98 percent A/B. Fans of the Miami Dolphins brought up the rear at 83 percent A/B.