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Will the Buffalo Bills consider adding a free-agent corner?

Attempting to replace Levi Wallace seems like a tradition at this point

Football is a game of tradition. From Sundays with the family, tailgating with friends, superstitious rituals, and more; there’s plenty of things you can count on occurring over and over. For the Buffalo Bills, few traditions are as sacred as the annual attempt to upgrade over Levi Wallace and/or Taron Johnson at corner. With plenty of free agents available, who might the Bills look toward?

Richard Sherman

The 33-year-old probably isn’t about to hit his prime, but the former (multiple times) All-Pro corner might have enough left in the tank to be interesting. The Bills have started to rely a bit more on man coverage where diminishing athleticism is a bigger deal. If Buffalo were to swing back the other direction, Sherman’s intelligence would likely be a good fit with the team’s zone schemes.

Daryl Worley

Worley made a very brief appearance with the Bills last season, playing 15 snaps against the Arizona Cardinals. Not long after, the Las Vegas Raiders signed Worley off the practice squad. Clearly this wouldn’t be a splash signing, but the Bills recently showed some interest, which might mean Worley is still on their radar. Similar to how E.J. Gaines kept turning up in this same conversation. (Speaking of which, he’s available.) Similarly, Josh Norman would fall into this same category.

Jayson Stanley

Buffalo has shown aptitude in coaching up players in the secondary and could look to gamble on a raw talent. Younger free agents who didn’t pan out might be tempting as they represent a bit more moldable clay than their more venerable counterparts. Yes this is more “category” than person, but there’s a good list of names in the 25-or-under category. One potential standout is Jayson Stanley. A former wide receiver, the undrafted free agent was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons and tried out at defensive back. He hasn’t latched on anywhere as of yet, but did play on special teams for the Seattle Seahawks last season (and seven snaps on defense). A 4.37 time in the 40 might be intriguing enough for the Bills to take a look at a 6’2” defensive back.

Gareon Conley

The Buffalo Bills haven’t shied away from former first-round picks who didn’t pan out as planned, aka “The Kevin Johnson Maneuver.” Conley is a good physical match for what the Bills often appear to be looking for at the position. After a year off on injured reserve, Conley could be an inexpensive gamble.

Feel free to take a look at the full list of available corners here, courtesy of and let me know your top players in the comments.