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Zach Ertz speculation continues surrounding Buffalo Bills

The storyline that won’t go away

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

One of the biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills during the 2021 offseason has been around the tight end position. There was plenty of speculation heading into the 2021 NFL Draft that the Bills might trade for tight end for Zach Ertz, a trade that obviously did not happen.

It has been almost six weeks since the conclusion of the draft, but the speculation around Ertz and the Bills continues. A recent tweet from ESPN’s Josina Anderson sounds as if there may still be some questions in Buffalo.

Fans could read into this tweet a number of ways, as it sounds like a few dots are being loosely connected between the Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles. The team may want to up his value by throwing Buffalo into the mix to entice someone else to pull the trigger. The player and his agent may be trying to force the team’s hand, too. There could also be legitimate interest from the Bills.

It is certainly worth monitoring in what could be a developing situation—but I won’t be holding my breath.