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Bills' Stadium plans won't include major differences, per report

Staying in Orchard Park? Sounds like it

Major news regarding the Buffalo Bills future stadium plans will be comforting to many fans if the information coming from Mike Catalana and is any indication. Per the tweet, the biggest change is the word “new” rather than “renovated” as it pertains to their stadium plans.

See the full tweet from Catalana below. Per cited sources, the new stadium will remain close to their current home, staying in Orchard Park. Information from surveys sent to various stakeholders suggested that the team was open to other locations, possibly as far East as Batavia.

For fans who look forward to the outdoor atmosphere, the plan reportedly is for an outdoor stadium with a dome specifically ruled out. An overhang like the one built for Hard Rock Stadium is described as a possibility, suggesting some details are still being ironed out. This potential compromise in “to dome, or not to dome” could help draw in some fans on the fence when it comes to weather. is also reporting that the Bills have selected Legends Global Sales to represent them in their pursuit of a new stadium. The firm, co-owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will also reportedly be assisting with selling sponsorships and premium seats. Click here for their full story.

Having personally sat in quite a few weather scenarios at the current stadium, I wouldn’t mind a little shade on sunny days. And on rainy days not needing to gear up in glorified trash bags doesn’t hurt my feelings any. What say you Bills fan? Drop your thoughts below.