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2022 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills draft picks as of June 2021

The team already sports eight total draft picks

The ten months until the 2022 NFL Draft can’t come soon enough, and following the beginning of the 2021 offseason the Buffalo Bills already find themselves with more than the average number of draft selections. Despite general manager Brandon Beane’s penchant for moving up in the draft, the team is in possession of eight total selections in the 2022 draft.

In the most recent draft, Buffalo held off on trading away any of their picks and in fact traded down in the fifth round to receive two extra sixth-round selections, which turned into Marquez Stevenson and Damar Hamlin. In addition, the team also may be able to count on an additional seventh-round conditional selection resulting from the trade of Lee Smith to the Atlanta Falcons. It’s unknown at this time what those conditions are, and if they are likely to be met. Also, if history is anything to go by, we can expect a few trades taking place around training camp, as that’s when general manager Brandon Beane seems to shop players around.

With that necessary caveat, below is the complete list of 2022 draft picks as they currently stand:

2022 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Notes
Round Notes
1 Bills original selection
2 Bills original selection
3 Bills original selection
4 Bills original selection
5 Bills original selection
6 Bills original selection
7* Acquired from Atlanta for Lee Smith
7 Bills original selection

*Possible conditional selection