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Jamie D and Big Newt: Cole Beasley’s COVID-19 Vaccination Controversy

A look at the practical matters pertaining to the team and fans

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Two Days after the NFLPA and league agreed to COVID-19 protocols, Buffalo Bills All-Pro Wide Receiver Cole Beasley took to Twitter to announce his decision to forgo vaccination. Since then he has found himself at the center of controversy.

Hosts Jamie D’Amico and Big Chris Newton review Beasley’s tweets, and examine his potential motivation for publicly taking such a hard-line stand—including discussing retiring, why some fan are reacting with such negativity, and how his decision could effect his standing with team management, as well as teammates who believe strongly that all people should get vaccinated.

Details of the episode include a rundown of the official NFL COVID-19 policies, as well as a look at the potential similarities between this and the situation surrounding the decision by former New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams to briefly leave football.

While the topic has the potential to be fraught with emotion, D’Amico and Big Newt stick mainly to the practical matters at hand, as opposed to taking personal stands.

If you’d like to let the hosts know what your thoughts are on this or any other Bills-related topic, feel free to reach them on Twitter at @TheJamieDamico and @Big_Newt.

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