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Josh Allen cereal will make return in fall 2021

The breakfast cereal bearing the name of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and his likeness will be back on local grocery store shelves this fall. Josh Jaqs will be available at Tops, Wegmans, and for internet shipping with proceeds benefiting the Oishei Children’s Hopsital in Buffalo.

Speaking from experience, the cereal is tasty. My kids loved it and we bought several boxes in my house even though my six-year-old doesn’t know who Josh Allen is.

According to the press release, the box will contain a QR code that will directly link to the hospital’s donation page, as well.

PLB Sports and Entertainment also brought Bills fans Flutie Flakes back in the 1990s.

The first batch of the cereal sold out very quickly in the fall of 2020, as Allen passed and ran his way to an MVP-caliber season. With an even larger fan base in 2021, hopefully they make more this time around.