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Ask Me Anything: Matt Warren takes your questions on Buffalo Rumblings

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Hey Buffalo Bills fans! It’s the deep part of the offseason between minicamp and training camp so we’re going to shake it up a bit this week with our annual Ask Me Anything. Originally part of a way to reach out to followers on Reddit, we’re using it here to reach you, our readers. So click on into the comments and ask me anything. (If you’re not a member, now is a perfect time to join to participate.)

We’ve been putting out more Bills-related content than anyone over the last month and during the entire offseason. We will continue to do that, and of course you can ask me things about the Bills, but you can also ask me questions about the behind-the-scenes inner working of the blog. You can ask me about social media, craft beer, WNY weather, chicken wings, and a whole host of anything in which you’re interested.

Feel free to leave questions for any of the staff members and I’ll force them to come chat, too!

Join the conversation now and I’ll hop in the comments!

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