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All-22 film review: Stefon Diggs’s 2020 touchdowns

Time for some fun

During the slower parts of the offseason, when there’s no steady trickle of news to dissect, we get to go back and take a look at things we may not have gotten around to before. Like a dedicated “Hey, check THIS out” rundown of Stefon Diggs’s touchdowns during his first season with the Buffalo Bills. Don’t expect any groundbreaking analysis today, I’m just here to have fun.

Touchdown 1

A key attribute of star players is the ability to see plays developing ahead of them, Stefon Diggs knows he has this touchdown early. Josh Allen sees it too.

Touchdown 2

This is an incredible throw by Allen, putting the ball into a tiny window where only Diggs has a shot at it. On the Diggs side of the ledger, he needs to maintain that narrow lead ahead of his competition while digging into the dirt to snag this.

Touchdown 3

Stefon Diggs is running out of space fast, and many players in his shoes probably aren’t trying those moves in such tight quarters. Diggs has this perfectly coordinated and the body control is unreal.

Touchdown 4

Nothing else happened after this catch that was memorable in the least. This was definitely the play of the game.

Touchdown 5

This isn’t to make fun of anyone on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Defensive backs have to try and figure out the route pre-snap and the guess couldn’t have been worse for this play. Sometimes physics wins. I highlighted the fall because this is the hazard of a minor miscalculation when it comes to defending someone who can run this precise of a route. Another highlight here is Diggs’s effort, which is apparent on many of these touchdowns.

Touchdown 6

Impeccable timing. Diggs gets the ball in stride and his ability to turn upfield sharply leads to this long touchdown.

Touchdown 7

I’m not sure where the ball landed but the security guys are intrigued.

Touchdown 8

This is officially credited as an eight-yard touchdown. The ball travels more like 30 with Allen on the run AND Diggs mirroring him perfectly to make sure there’s a spot where he can throw.

Touchdown 9

I’m sure defenses are so focused on all the various route combos used by Stefon Diggs that sometimes the best “trick” is to just keep running. It worked here for sure.

Touchdown 10

Baltimore sees a three-receiver bunch out of Buffalo and responds by assigning two defenders directly. If the coaching staff has a play to exploit that AND the quarterback is able to see his spot AND get the ball out fast this is an easy score. Clearly there’s a check mark next to all those variables.