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Buffalo Bills reporter Vic Carucci stepping down from daily beat

Heading into semi-retirement, Carucci will still appear on the radio.

One of the giants of the Buffalo sports media landscape is taking a step toward retirement. Vic Carucci, a sports reporter and columnist at The Buffalo News, announced on Monday that he would be retiring from his full-time role covering the Buffalo Bills and the NFL effective August 1st. Carucci isn’t completely stepping away from football coverage yet, though: he’ll continue to broadcast nationally on SiriusXM NFL Radio, and he’ll have a weekly show on WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo as well.

Carucci has been covering the NFL in some fashion for more than four decades now. In addition to his newspaper work at companies like The Buffalo News, he has contributed to the Buffalo Bills Radio Network, SiriusXM NFL Radio, ESPN, NFL Network, and other media outlets. He’s authored ten books about football, including multiple NY Times Bestsellers. He’s also a past president of the Pro Football Writers of America.

Carucci notes that The Buffalo News tried to convince him to stay in his full-time role, but that this decision was in the works for quite some time before he made it official. He’s worked for the News for seven years on his most recent stint since returning from Cleveland.