Comments? Where is Everybody?

Is anyone else having a hard time seeing comments on the main articles? About 2 weeks ago, none of the articles have any comments attached (and I've been through all of them back to ~ June 15). Once in a while, maybe one article will have the comments show up. I can see comments on some of the fan posts, but that's it. I haven't seen anyone else writing about this (I certainly can't count on seeing any comments!). < == Insert sarcasm font here.

I've even logged into my SBN account and tried that along with clicking on the '# comments' link at the top of an article, but nope.....nothing!

I've been a long-time lurker (back to the Galliford days) and this is NOT what I expected my first fan post to be about!

Any help would be appreciated. I actually enjoy reading the discussions on this site even if I haven't been active in them. Thanks in advance to all you Rumblers!

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