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Play that defined the 2020 season: Championship

Our journey to crown a single play to define the season concludes!

Hey, what’s that up ahead? Kinda looks like the finish line. It IS the finish line! After a lot of hard work, we’re about to crown the play that best defines the 2020 season for the Buffalo Bills. This will be the last time you need to bear with me through this reminder. We’re looking for the play that best tells the story of the entire season, which may not be the best highlight.

Though to be fair, the two plays left standing are absolutely highlights. So um...pick the highlight that best defines the season.

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Home Games Champion

Taron Johnson: THE Interception

You wanna know what’s kinda crazy? The fact that we need to specify which insane Taron Johnson pick-six we’re talking about. While the long one against the Pittsburgh Steelers made it into the dance and was pretty impressive, it’s got nothing on the 101-yard, playoff-record tying, pick-six versus the Baltimore Ravens we see here.

What makes it a good story for the season? Well if you ask me, and you didn’t, first and foremost it’s a good parallel to how the Bills kept finding ways to win. When the offense slowed down in the playoffs, the defense picked up the pace in two monumental victories. In addition, the 2020 Buffalo Bills added a lot of entries into various record books. They weren’t just good, they were frequently historically good.


Away Games Champion

Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs: Burying the Pats

Wanna know what’s crazy about this play? It got here ahead of a play that represented Josh Allen hitting a 400-yard game. That milestone, as epic as it was, couldn’t compare to this. The Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs connection was too good to pass up for the voters and it’s easy to see why.

If you’re looking for a narrative, the offensive explosion in 2020 was absolutely a primary theme. At the heart of it are the two players featured above. The fluidity of this touchdown belies the true difficulty. The fact that this exact play helped bury the New England Patriots only adds to the story of the season. This victory ensured New England finished with a losing season while the Buffalo Bills took the AFC East crown.

Think carefully Bills fans. The next time you see the phrase “Play That Defined” it will be to announce the winner. So...


Which play will forevermore be known as the one that defines the 2020 Buffalo Bills season?

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  • 65%
    THE Interception
    (267 votes)
  • 34%
    Diggs and Allen bury the Pats
    (139 votes)
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