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Are You Ready For Some Football This Friday Night??

HUMP DAY HOTLINE | BILLS Football Returns This Friday | Aug 11, 2021

Are you ready for some football?

Well we certainly are. Jump in with the guys LIVE TONIGHT at 9pm as they talk about Josh Allen and the narrative connection to LeBron James.

We have all the presser push back from the players this week to include Mitch Trubisky and his comments about Chicago, the franchise and the fans as well as whether or not he chose Buffalo or came here out of need. Does it change anything in your mind if he came to Buffalo out of it being his only option versus coming here out of desire to be around a winning QB in Josh Allen and a winning franchise in the BILLS?

Coach also gave us some insight to who will not be suited up this Friday night in Detroit, jump in and let us know who you are excited to watch play and what impact you think they will have on this BILLS team in 2021.