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Wingin’ It: Preseason Crowdsourcing

Our annual call to arms...errr...wings

Hey everyone! It’s nearly time for the real action to begin; Wingin’ It! Also, football. But back to Wingin’ It! With the exception of the NFC South teams, we’ve “visited” all the other cities the Buffalo Bills will compete against, making it all the harder to find recipes to spin. That’s where you come in (potentially).

Feel free to throw me recipe suggestions in the comments below, on Twitter, or via email at There aren’t very many “rules” to this so feel free to go wild.

  • Nothing too complicated. The idea is to create things people can replicate.
  • No shellfish will be used. If you suggest something that has it (like crab cakes), I will only attempt it if I can swap to a different ingredient (that’s why they became chicken cakes).
  • There’s no need to tie a recipe into a particular game or region. We’ve done NYC and Miami so much that I don’t really give a **** about what’s authentic at this point. And Jacksonville’s most iconic food was just a sandwich to begin with. If you’re in love with a particular Nigerian tomato stew for example, let’s do it! Actually I’m gonna go write that one down...

Last year, if you recall, I also did a couple editions collaborating with other Bills fans who share a similar passion for creative cooking. If you’re interested in something similar let me know that as well. Heck, if you’re a celebrity reading this and would like to make a guest appearance/tasting maybe we can make that happen too.

Let’s make this the best Wingin’ It season of all time! With your help I know we can do this.

Note to self: Remember to scour comments for suggestions before the Coral Langoliers eat them.