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The Bills have the sauce for your next tailgate

So do I for the record, but they have me beat on the team branding

As the Zinc Saucier of Buffalo Rumblings, it’s a bit begrudgingly that I’m bringing a competitor to your attention. But since the whole thing benefits a good cause and has really nice pictures of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, let me introduce you to Bills Mafia Tailgate Sauce.

The new condiment line comes in BBQ, Mild, and Hot. Presumably they are to be used as you would most similar products. Whether it’s a last-minute baste, a longer marinade, or drinking it right from the bottle like some of us more hardcore users, Bills Mafia Tailgate Sauce offers another off-the-shelf option for your tailgate needs.

And there’s no sour grapes on my end. For one, we know I’d just take those sour grapes and make something delicious with them (ahem). Putting self-promotional humor aside, more importantly proceeds from the sale of Bills Mafia Tailgate Sauce support the Patricia Allen Foundation at Oishei Children’s Hospital which is awesome sauce.

You can find the line exclusively at Wegmans. And even more exclusively only at participating stores around Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. If you’re out of area, find someone you trust to PayPal or Venmo the money for a care package. Also, you can donate directly to Oishei here and worry about your sauce needs some other time.