NFL Musings and Observations (Well, no rust that I could see)

Josh Allen walked out onto the field yesterday for his first live game, Preseason albeit but the first game since the AFC Championship game lost. Did I expect some rust? Yes, it was the common sense thing to believe but looking at the Bills offense with Josh Allen at the helm and I can truly say JA17 looked ready to go. But what I noticed from the players, coaches and fans is the understanding that something special is occurring in Western NY. Did anyone else feel the excitement? Let me list some of the exciting things I have noticed from yesterday.

1.) How is a crowd going to cause a delay of game penalty in a Preseason game. That folks, that doesn't come from warm weather fans. You know those fans, they magically appear when the teams doing great. Or, they just happen to be the fanbase of the Cowboys for no actual reason. But it was grat seeing the Bills fans being the best Fanbase in the whole NFL.

2.) Josh Allen looked all of the HUGE MONEY contract he was given earlier in camp. He came out and just gave energy to the whole stadium. More so, he looked to be sharp and have complete control over the playbook. He was 20-26 without Diggs and looked efficient. More so, he didn't run and by that I mean not getting hit by defenders but still looked deadly. If JA17 is switching fully to his arm and and running sparingly his runs will be that more deadly.

3.) Another game and another game where you feel better with Groot. Is he still a work in progress? Yes, however he is still making play and looking the part. His physical abilities are obvious and when he puts everything together it's obvious he can be a great player. What I'm really impressed with is his instincts. I look at Groot and it feels like he has an ability to see the play and follow the play.

4.) The Bills have a top 3 play caller in the league. Brian Daboll is a top three play caller in the league. I believe the best pure play caller and play designer is Andy Reid. He has been doing it for years and he may struggle in certain areas but you know he can make a play call as good as a Bacon Cheese Burger made the right way. The next two in my mind are Kyle Shannahan and Brian Daboll. Now, I think Shannahan is a little overrated and check out his winning season record. Daboll however is responsible for the maturation of JA17 and it speaks volumes.

5.) I want everyone to look back at the Bills WR corp from years ago and remember that Gabe Davis is the Bills 4th WR on the depth chart. The offensive weapons on the Bills may not get the kind of attention that the Chiefs, Bucs or right now the Titans but I think the Bills offensive weapons as a whole are on par with those other offensive powerhouses. Add in JA17 running ability and game on!

6.) The Bills are sadly going to have to cut some talent. This isn't something that is overly common for Buffalo in many years. If I want to judge how the Genera Manager and scouting Department is handling the personnel I look at who they keep but more so who do they have to release at cut down day. The Bills are going to release players who are going to make impacts on other teams. Gone are the days of Bills fans hoping Camp Body "X" is the diamond in the rough. I can remember as a Bills fan feeling like I'm at the discount movie bin at Wal-Mart and seeing if a gem of a movie like "The Rock" in the bin. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't but the goal of the football team is to be a winner and not try your best. Those who know, know the line.

7.) The Pass from JA27 to Gabe Davis is a pass that went 40 yards from Allen's hand and release point to Gabe Davis's hands or catch point. It literally had the smallest arch to a pass thrown that far I have ever seen. I will list the only other QB in the league that I believe at this time can make, not a similar pass, but the identical pass. Patrick Mahomes. That's it folks, only two QBs can legit make that throw.

8.) If Moss is healthy I believe the Bills will rely on his smashing running style a hell of a lot more than many people will think. Why? Because I believe the offense is not building rhythm and chemistry like it was last year because of Covid it has it already. Moss is going to be the closer. Cody Ford is going to love the Bills running the ball.

9.) Speaking of Cody Ford but he looks to be at home playing power and man on man type of run blocking. Ford has always been a mauler since he was in Oklahoma. The experiment of him at tackle is officially over (Mistakes were made) and he seems to feel natural at guard. The Bills don't need an elite O-Line but they need a better running blocking team.

10.) Brandon Beane saying teams have called about Defensive Ends means he's shopping. Smart move and the Bills are goin to be moving someone. I believe the rookies, AJ and Hughes are safe. Everyone else is on the trade block. I really think the Bills want to move Addison but what exactly could the Bills get for him? If they could pull a 6th I'd be happy.

Radom NFL Observations:

1.) Sometimes you can't get out of your own way and that to me is the Jags. They traded Minshew away for a 6th round draft pick. Lawrence is the future and no one is doubting that so why not keep a vet who can help talk the kid thru everything to include on the sidelines and what he is seeing compared to what Lawrence is seeing. But I'm not shocked or surprised, the whole Urban Meyers experiment has been odd.

2.) I don't know what the Bears should do with Justin Fields. My instincts are to sit him until you know he is fully ready for the starting QB job. I say this because you should never go back (See Tua) but I know this. Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace the leadership of the Bears will pick the wrong option.

3. Rumor has it that the Dolphins are the leading candidates for Watson. A few things, if anyone in Miami leaked this, they should be fired for taking away what little confidence Tua has in the franchise. Secondly, no trade until Watson's whole legal issue is handled. I mean, 22ish allegations is something that just doesn't happen in a vacuum. I personally believe this is being leaked by Watson's camp. What I believe needs to happen is the NFL Commissioner has to say once the the legal issues are handled you can come back to the league but right now Watson is not good for business.

Have a Great Week!

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