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Brandon Beane has plenty of praise for Levi Wallace

Maybe it’s time the Bills stop trying to replace him?

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane met with the media ahead of training camp and discussed many of the pressing topics for the 2021 season. Beane’s past compliments of corner Levi Wallace were brought up, with Beane being asked how Wallace went from an undrafted rookie to a significant role with the team.

Brandon Beane started his praise of Levi Wallace by noting “nothing fazes him.”

“He just finds a way. He’s always in the right spot,” says Beane of Wallace. “His teammates love him. He’s just one of those guys, Sean uses this term and I agree with, like a ‘glue guy.’.. He has great instincts. Just guys who are confident, they don’t worry about him.”

That doesn’t mean he’s not without his flaws, as the general manager elaborated. Wallace was signed to a small one-year deal this offseason.

“Does he have height, weight, speed and have all the things that some guys have that are drafted high?” Beane promptly answered his own question by saying, “No, but he knows how to play football. He has great instincts, he has great awareness.”

A running joke here at Buffalo Rumblings is the annual cycle of the Bills trying to replace Wallace on the roster only for Wallace to continue winning a starting job. Brandon Beane alluded to this tradition and further used this to praise Wallace.

“We’ve continued to bring competition to him and he doesn’t bat an eye.”

Beane concluded by reflecting on the one-year contract the Bills signed Wallace to earlier in the year by saying “We were glad to get him back this year.”