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Overreaction Podcast | Bills’ changing depth chart, stadium nonsense

Training Camp battles, Stadium Battles and People Losing Their Minds

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We got some things #BillsMafia are reacting to and dare we say, overreacting to.

Four days into camp and it appears Buffalo beat writers are already changing the Buffalo Bills’ official depth chart at several key positions and meanwhile we have the slickest general manager in football.... after all, there is a reason even the players call him “Big Baller Beane!!”

Meanwhile news bomb dropped on the Mafia on Sunday in regards to a stadium proposal from the Pegulas to New York State, of which the actual details are apparently ever-changing. Meaning the report is either trash or people are lying. Who knows?

Meanwhile it didn't prevent the Mafia from doing exactly what we thought which is overreact completely.

So what do we need to worry about or be concerned about? Well join Joe and he will break it down.

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